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IDA’s Systems and Analyses Center, the largest of our FFRDCs, consists of eight research divisions whose work focuses on a broad range of issues spanning diverse disciplines.

Our work involves assessing technology feasibility, performance, producibility, demonstrations, and development risks. IDA also assists our sponsors in developing technology strategies, plans, standards, and investment priorities as well as assessing the domestic and international implications of trade and technology cooperation, plans, and controls. 

IDA’s research program reflects both focus and diversity.  In any year, IDA SAC’s Divisions’ effort is spread across more than 300 projects.  The level of effort per project varies from quick-reaction work completed over a handful of weeks, to multi-year projects that engage over 20 researchers.

Major research program areas include:

  • Evaluations of strategic and tactical systems
  • Test and evaluation of defense systems
  • Command, control, and communications assessments
  • Application of new technologies
  • Information technology assessments
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Strategy and force assessments
  • Cost and resource analysis
  • Industrial resources

Research Divisions

IDA’s Systems and Analyses Center consists of the following eight research divisions:

Cost Analysis and Research Division
Dr. David J. Nicholls, Director

The Cost Analysis and Research Division (CARD)  engages in both cost analysis and applied research on a broad set of topics involving resource allocation within the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies. Most CARD projects are intended to support and improve government decision-making, policies, or processes.

CARD Selected Publications 

Information Technology and Systems Division
Dr. Margaret E. Myers, Director

The Information Technology and Systems Division (ITSD) supports the Department of Defense (DoD) as it focuses on protecting our freedom to operate in cyberspace, while denying our adversaries the same advantage. ITSD researchers leverage their diverse experiences and expertise to ensure that our sponsors can advance the network and information capabilities required to successfully execute the Department’s missions.

ITSD Selected Publications

Intelligence Analyses Division
Mr. Richard Porterfield, Director

IAD supports the Department of Defense and the intelligence community by providing analyses of critical intelligence issues affecting national security.

IAD Selected Publications 

Joint Advanced Warfighting Division
Mr. James L. Johnson  Director

Developing analyses and analytic capabilities of direct and immediate use to frontline warfighters, JAWD helps joint military force commanders stimulate innovation and breakthrough improvements.  Applying expertise in such disciplines as physics, mathematics, engineering, political science, economics and history, the division develops warfighting concepts, conducts evidence-based analyses of kinetic and non-kinetic capabilities and operations, and designs and supports joint force experiments.  JAWD researchers create complex simulations, collect and analyze lessons from recent operations, develop advanced training and education concepts and study means of most rapidly delivering high-utility resources to combat forces needing them most urgently. 

JAWD Selected Publications

Operational Evaluation Division
Mr. Robert D. Soule, Director

OED supports the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the planning, observation, and evaluation of Service and defense agency operational tests of major new weapon systems and the Live Fire Tests of the lethality and vulnerability of weapons and platforms. The division also supports the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, and the Combatant Commands in evaluating military deployments and operations, and in developing, integrating, and improving the interagency mission planning process.

Science and Technology Division
Dr. Leonard J. Buckley, Director

The Science and Technology Division’s (STD’s) core mission is  to provide high-quality, objective analyses of technology issues related to national security. Its scientists and engineers research topics as diverse as sensing for nuclear material, using ground-penetrating radar for improvised explosive device detection, and modeling efforts for solar energy and composite armor.

STD Selected Publications

Strategy, Forces and Resources Division
Mr. Michael Dominguez, Director

SFRD performs integrated, interdisciplinary studies of plans and policies related to national security strategy, the structure and capabilities of U.S. and foreign forces, and the infrastructure supporting U.S. forces. The division also assists in streamlining government organizations, management systems and processes.

System Evaluation Division
Dr. Steve Warner, Director

The System Evaluation Division (SED)  provides high-quality analyses on the most challenging national security topics – including the performance of air, land, sea, and space-based systems.  Such assessments assist the Department of Defense (DoD)  in making choices among competing systems, in setting force or inventory levels, and in identifying suitable concepts for employing systems in wartime.

SED Selected Publications




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