Strategy, Forces and Resources Division

John Harvey, Director, Strategy, Forces and Resources Divisions

The Strategy, Forces and Resources Division (SFRD) conducts comprehensive, interdisciplinary analyses of defense policy and force  planning issues related to:

  • Analyzing Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) defenses
  • Organizational effectiveness and human capital management
  • Defense resource management practices, techniques and tools
  • Developments and trends in international arms markets and foreign development of militarily-relevant technologies
  • International security concerns and opportunities for collaboration with security partners
  • Force structure and military capability alternatives and
  • Quantitative estimates of risk and incorporating those estimates into strategy and program decision making.
SFRD research around conference table and in the library.

SFRD researchers possess a broad array of expertise and experience. Former senior Department of Defense military leaders and policy decision makers work side-by-side with scientists and analysts to examine and evaluate the capabilities of military forces, homeland defenses, and defense support and infrastructure programs. They develop specific analytical methodologies, quantitative approaches, and simulation techniques to inform the decision making of research sponsors. The staff  represent nearly all the traditional academic disciplines, including science and mathematics, economics, and social and political science.  Nearly 90 percent hold advanced degrees; of those nearly 60 percent are doctorates or post-doctorate.

SFRD Degrees by Discipline

Chart extracted from IDA Risk Assessment Integrated Risk Assessment and Management Model (IRAMM), IDA Document NSD-4883.

small graphic from D-4883

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SFRD - Selected Publications and Articles6

Track 1.5/2 Security Dialogues with China: Nuclear Lessons Learned
Michael O. Wheeler, IDA Paper P-5135, September 2014.

Creating Foundational Foreign Language, Regional, and Cultural Proficiency in General Purpose Forces
Jerome Bracken, Mary Ryan Hawkins, David R. Graham, Timothy Ni, Steven B. Walser, Claudio C. Biltoc, Colin M. Doyle, Joseph F. Adams, Amy A. Alrich, IDA Document NS D-4923, July 2013.

IDA Risk Assessment Integrated Risk Assessment and Management Model (IRAMM)
James S. Thomason, Michael F. Fitzsimmons, J. Darrell Morgeson, IDA Document NS D-4883, May 2013.

IDA Support to the Joint Staff (J8) and OUSD(Policy) on Global Defense Posture for the 2010 QDR and Beyond
D. Sean Barnett, Mark E. Tillman, IDA Document NS D-4886, May 2013.

Force Oriented Cost Information System (FOCIS) User’s Manual
Harold W. Laughlin, David Tran, Wade P. Hinkle, Alexander O. Gallo, Charles V. Fletcher, Timothy J. Graves, James L. Wilson, Kenton G. Fasana, Kevin B. Mills, IDA Document D-4318, January 2013.

Value Engineering and Life-Cycle Sustainment
Jay Mandelbaum, James R. Vickers, Anthony C. Hermes, IDA Document D-4710.

Korea's Chances in the 21st Century: The Story Continues
Kongdan Oh Hassig, IDA Doucment NS D-4852.

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