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ITSD Ideas showcases insightful and interesting presentations given by ITSD researchers. The original audiences for these presentations typically were IDA staff or visitors. 

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Apple vs. FBI Town Hall Discussion


Introduction: Margaret Myers, Division Director, ITSD
Moderator: David Nicholls, Division Director, CARD

Panelists: Arnold Abraham, IDA Researcher, ITSD, Ryan Wagner, IDA Researcher, ITSD, John Bailey, IDA Researcher, CARD (2016)



Cybersecurity Workforce Panel Discussion

Moderator: Renee Forney, Executive Director of CyberSkills Management Support Initiative (CMSI), DHS

Panelists: Douglas Maughan (DHS), Stephen Olechnowicz (IDA), Robert Knake (Senior Fellow Council on Foreign Relations), Brenden Farrar-Foley (IDA) (2015)



How to Prevent the Next Heartbleed

Dr. David A. Wheeler, Research Staff Member of IDA Information Technology and Systems Division

Dr. Wheeler summarizes his paper on best practices in software development and testing that could head off future cyber vulnerabilities. (2014)



Demonstration: 3D Network Data Visualization

Mr. Jemakai N. Blyden , Research Associate with IDA Information Technology and Systems Division

Mr. Jemakai Blyden demonstrates the virtues of 3D visualization for studying network structures both complex and simple. (2014)



Video: Global ICT Supply Chain Exploitation; A Growing Risk

Developed by: IDA Information Technology and Systems Division

Global Information Communication Technology (ICT) Supply Chain Exploitation is a growing risk. This video offers a brief introduction to the topic.