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Systems and Analyses Center Research Divisions

The largest of IDA’s FFRDCs, the Systems and Analyses Center (SAC) consists of eight research divisions with expertise across a broad spectrum of national security related areas that make up our core competency. Although each division has its own unique mission, work sometimes falls across one or more divisions; by the same token, some areas of expertise are elemental to more than one division.

Photo SAC researchers giving talks/presentations

In general, the Research and Analytic Capabilities of the SAC spread across a broad spectrum of national security related areas, including:

To avoid institutional pressures in support of individual military service positions, SAC does not work directly for the military departments.  With DoD approval, SAC may conduct studies for other federal organizations; state, local or foreign governments; or nonprofit charitable, educational, or scientific organizations as long as the effort is directly related to SAC’s areas of expertise.


IDA SAC pie chart 2018