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Assessment of Graph Databases as a Viable Materiel Solution for the Army’s Dynamic Force Structure (DFS) Portal Implementation: Part 3, Risks, Mitigation Approach, and Roadmap

December, 2017
Graph databases; Resource Description Framework (RDF); RDF triples store; JavaScript Object Notation (JSON); JSON Linked Data (JSON LD); Prolog; data lake; data swamp; data governance; data quality; risk management framework;....
Assessing Information Effects Workshop Proceedings

November, 2017
The workshop offered ideas on how to model the effects of information through a variety of analytical efforts to gain insight on a potential adversary’s behavior in cyber and information warfare.
Enterprise Level Security: Insider Threat Counter-Claims

October, 2017
Because Enterprise Level security (ELS) has no accounts or passwords, identity is an important issue; we review the data categories, data requirements, and data resources that apply to entity veracity, as well as the counter-....
Recommendations for Improving Agility in Risk Management for Urgent and Emerging Capability Acquisitions – Quick Look Report

October, 2016
This memorandum recommends changes in DoD Instruction 8510.01 for streamlining the process for obtaining and authorization to operate (ATO) for urgent and emerging capability acquisitions.
The Software Assurance State-of-the-Art Resource (SOAR)

August, 2016
Unintentional and intentionally inserted vulnerabilities in software can provide adversaries with various avenues to reduce system effectiveness, render systems useless, or even use our systems against us.
Assured Identity for Enterprise Level Security

July, 2017
Increasing threat intrusions to enterprise computing systems have led to a formulation of guarded enterprise systems.
Data Mediation with Enterprise Level Security

July, 2017
Enterprise Level Security (ELS) – an architecture for enabling information sharing with strong security guarantee – is built on basic tenets and concepts that shape its component technologies and implementation.
Incorporating Offensive Cyber Operations into Conventional Deterrence Strategies

February, 2017
This paper introduces approaches and frameworks for guiding the use of cyber weapons independently and integrated with other military capabilities to support and defend U.S. national interests.
Software Container Architecture for Distributed Mission Processes

October, 2016
The challenges posed by big data, both at the global and local levels, are viewed as critical challenges for the Department of Defense’s (DoD) ability to accomplish its future missions.
Enterprise Considerations for Ports and Protocols

October, 2016
The need to control information flow to a restricted set of accepted protocols arises from the vulnerabilities that may come from any protocol.

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