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Vehicle Blast Protection Efficiency Analysis and Evaluation

September, 2016
Vehicle designers, analysts, and program managers can exploit the upper bound analysis in a practical fashion to assess vehicle designs, simulations, and experiments to evaluate performance in a way that allows comparison amo....
Comparison of Constant Acceleration and Dynamic Response Index Lethality Criteria

September, 2016
This paper examines how the results of the fixed-acceleration threshold analysis relate to more complex criteria.

September, 2015
IDA developed a simplified first-principle model to estimate the momentum transfer from soil to the vehicle during the impact of the fast moving soil with the underbody.
Reenergizing U.S. Space Nuclear Power Generation

May, 2011
This report presents an argument for reenergizing U. S. space nuclear reactor development. Over the next 10 to 20 years, missions with high power requirements (200 kWe or greater) will be essential to maintaining U.S. freedom....
Effectiveness of Intelligent Tutoring Systems: A Meta-Analytic Review

February, 2016
This review describes a meta-analysis of findings from 50 controlled evaluations of intelligent computer tutoring systems.
Review and Assessment of Personnel Competencies and Job Description Models and Methods

April, 2016
Competencies can be defined as observable and measureable patterns of knowledge, abilities, skills, and other characteristics that individuals need to be successful in their position for an organizations.
Strategic Implications of Cloud Computing for Modeling and Simulation (Briefing)

April, 2016
This briefing discusses the implications of cloud computing for modeling and simulation in the defense enterprise.
Predicting the Significance of Injuries Potentially Caused by Non-Lethal Weapons: Tympanic Membrane Rupture (TMR), Permanent Threshold Shift (PTS), and Photothermal Retinal Lesions

June, 2016
IDA assessed the significance three types of non-lethal injuries based on medical care required to treat the injury or complication, and any complication that restricts the person’s employment or other activities for the rest....
Food Security in India, China, and the World

June, 2016
IDA assessed the food security status of China and India, the two largest emerging economies that may have serious food security challenges in the future that may cause shocks to the global food system.
A Framework for Evidence-Based Licensure of Adaptive Autonomous Systems

March, 2016
Adaptive autonomous systems of interest to DoD have great potential to complement human performance in a wide range of missions.

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