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Analysis of Non-Acute, Sub-Lethal Chemical/Biological Injuries and Illnesses

January, 2018
This report is a quick look at the long-term effects that can occur after acute exposure to the 23 chemical and biological agents/agent classes described in NATO Allied Medical Publication 7.5 (AMedP-7.5).
Applying Capability-Based Planning in Lower-Capacity Defense Institutions – The Republic of Guinea: A Case Study

May, 2017
This paper summarizes the efforts, challenges, opportunities, and outcomes of applying a revised capability-based planning methodology in the Republic of Guinea.
Defense Governance and Management: Improving the Defense Management Capabilities of Foreign Defense Institutions

March, 2017
This handbook is for a practitioner of defense institution building (DIB) seeking to institute program budgeting in a foreign host-nation.
Methods in Macroeconomic Forecasting Uncertainty Analysis: An Assessment of the 2015 National Defense Stockpile Requirements Report

March, 2016
To sustain the essential civilian economy and provide for the national defense during a national emergency scenario, DoD maintains a stockpile of strategic materials critical to the national industrial base.
Defense Governance and Management – Implementing the Philippine Defense Reform Program through the Defense System of Management

October, 2017
Established in 2004, the Philippine Defense Reform (PDR) Program envisioned the implementation of reforms that would affect every level of the Philippine defense establishment and military.
TRANSCOM-DLA Roles and Responsibilities

November, 2017
The DLA-TRANSCOM structure is working; the key challenge facing DOD’s “end-to end” distribution system is achieving a seamless integration of the distribution functions of TRANSCOM, DLA, the military Service....
Technology Trends in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) and Counter UAS: A Five Year Outlook

November, 2017
The air domain has become increasingly complex in recent years because of the proliferation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In particular, the growing demand for small UAS (sUAS) by personal enthusiasts and commercial app....
Defense Governance and Management The Colombian Ministry of National Defense’s “Transformation and Future Initiative”

October, 2017
The Transformation and Future Initiative (TFI) of the Colombian Ministry of National Defense (MND) was a pre-emptive action to prepare the Colombian Defense and Security sector for a security environment not predominantly cha....

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