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Defense Governance and Management – Implementing the Philippine Defense Reform Program through the Defense System of Management

October, 2017
Established in 2004, the Philippine Defense Reform (PDR) Program envisioned the implementation of reforms that would affect every level of the Philippine defense establishment and military.
TRANSCOM-DLA Roles and Responsibilities

November, 2017
The DLA-TRANSCOM structure is working; the key challenge facing DOD’s “end-to end” distribution system is achieving a seamless integration of the distribution functions of TRANSCOM, DLA, the military Service....
Technology Trends in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) and Counter UAS: A Five Year Outlook

November, 2017
The air domain has become increasingly complex in recent years because of the proliferation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In particular, the growing demand for small UAS (sUAS) by personal enthusiasts and commercial app....
Defense Governance and Management The Colombian Ministry of National Defense’s “Transformation and Future Initiative”

October, 2017
The Transformation and Future Initiative (TFI) of the Colombian Ministry of National Defense (MND) was a pre-emptive action to prepare the Colombian Defense and Security sector for a security environment not predominantly cha....
Defense Governance and Management: Improving the Defense Management Capabilities of Foreign Defense Institutions

March, 2017
This two-part paper is intended to assist United States government representatives in advising foreign defense institutions that seek to improve their defense governance and management capabilities.
Force Management Decision Process

August, 2017
Force management determines who goes to war, how the burden of deployment is distributed to the operational chain of commands (the combatant commands) and even how well prepared organizations and its individuals are for the t....
Civilian Personnel Reform at the Department of Defense: Lessons from the Failure of the National Security Personnel System

October, 2017
The collapse of the National Security Personnel System in 2009 was caused in significant part by the political miscalculations of Administration officials, who failed to build a broad base of bipartisan support and unnecessar....
Review of the Fiscal Year 2016 Defense Environmental International Cooperation Program

February, 2017
The Defense Environmental International Cooperation (DEIC) program is a tool for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the geographic Combatant Commands (CCMDs) to use as part of their security cooperation engagement act....

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