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Statistical Design & Analysis Challenges in Defense Testing

January, 2019
Before the DoD acquires any major new capability, that system must undergo realistic testing in its intended environment with military users. The complex, data-limited, highly variable nature of the test environment presents ....
Vetting Custom Scales - Understanding Reliability, Validity, and Dimensionality

December, 2018
For situations in which an empirically vetted scale does not exist or is not suitable, a custom scale may be created. This document presents a comprehensive process for establishing the defensible use of a custom scale. At th....
Tutorial: Parametric Reliability Models

September, 2018
This tutorial demonstrates how to plot reliability functions parametrically in R using the output from any reliability modeling software.
The Effect of Extremes in Small Sample Size on Simple Mixed Models: A Comparison of Level-1 and Level-2 Size

February, 2018
Mixed models are ideally suited to analyzing nested data from within-persons designs, designs that are advantageous in applied research.
Quantifying Orbital Debris Momentum Transfer Coefficients into Satellite Shields Following Hypervelocity Impact, and its Potential Use in Orbital Debris Flux Validation

April, 2017
This paper describes a technique for estimating the momentum enhancement (K factor) after impact of orbital debris into dual wall shields.
Introduction to ciTools

August, 2017
ciTools, an R package for working with model uncertainty, gives users access to confidence and prediction intervals for the fitted values of (log) linear models, generalized linear models, and (log ) linear mixed models.
Thinking About Data for Operational Test and Evaluation

November, 2017
Statistical models provide an analytical framework that helps avoid error-prone heuristics and draw accurate conclusions from random data.
A Multi-Method Approach to Evaluating Human-System Interactions during Operational Testing

November, 2017
Although the quality of human system interactions is a key determinant of mission success for military systems, operational testers rarely approach the evaluation of human system interactions with the same rigor that they app....
Statistical Techniques for Modeling and Simulation Validation

September, 2016
In DoD test and evaluation, collecting sufficient data to evaluate system performance against operationally realistic threats is often not possible due to cost and resource restrictions, safety concerns, or lack of adequate o....
Foundations of Psychological Measurement

February, 2016
DoD engages in psychological measurement to place military personnel into specialties, evaluate their mental health, evaluate the quality of human systems interactions, and identify factors that affect crime rates on bases.

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