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Five Actions to Improve Military Hospital Performance

October, 2017
Concerns over the high cost and readiness value of military hospitals has led to significant changes directed in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.
Analysis of Alternative Mixes of Full-Time Support in the Reserve Components

August, 2017
IDA analyzed the cost of alternative mixes of full-time support, including Active Guard and Reserve and military technicians, to determine DoD management and readiness.
Medical Readiness within Inpatient Platforms

August, 2017
IDA examined the extent to which military treatment facilities’ inpatient workload volume and diversity of care are sufficient to sustain the readiness-related skills of military surgeons.
Portfolio Selection Challenges in Defense Applications

August, 2017
Throughout the federal government, and DoD in particular, decision makers face the problem of choosing a portfolio of investments to fund, given current and projected budget restrictions.
Effective Financial Decision Aids

July, 2017
The National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2016 directs the Secretaries of the Armed Forces and the Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces to provide financial literacy training to Service members at certain critical points t....
Post-Milestone B Funding Climate and Cost Growth in Major Defense Acquisition Programs

March, 2017
This paper – the fourth in a series –examines the association between outcomes of Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs) and changes in acquisition policy and process and funding climate.
Influences on the Timing and Frequency of Cancellations and Truncations of Major Defense Acquisition Programs

March, 2017
This paper extends an earlier IDA paper – providing parallel analyses of both cancellations and truncations of Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs), more observations (especially on truncations), and improved anal....
Analysis of Private Sector Care Reform Authorities and Savings

December, 2016
Budgetary pressures facing the Military Health System (MHS) have necessitated the consideration of various cost-saving reform options.
Acquisition Cycle Time: Defining the Problem (Revised)

October, 2016
Acquisition cycle times are driven by system complexity; schedule slip is associated primarily with overly optimistic schedule estimates.
Staffing for Cyberspace Operations: Summary of Analysis

August, 2016
The Cyber Mission Force (CMF) represents a major force structure planning and programing effort to build cyberspace operations capability.

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