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Safeguard and Secure Cyberspace (Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure)

Selected Projects:

Presentations, Articles, Publications:

PRESENTATION: Anti-Terrorism: Are there Borders in Cyber Space? at ASIS New York City Security Conference and Expo, April 27-28, 2016, hosted by IDA’s Dr. Deena Disraelly, Chair of the ASIS Global Terrorism, International Crime, and Political Instability Council; and featuring IDA Assistant Director Laura O’Dell.

PRESENTATION: Cybered Alliances, Spheres and Independents presented at the Center for Cyber Conflict Studies 3rd Biennial Workshop, U.S. Naval War College, September 22, 2015, Newport, Rhode Island, by IDA’s Dr. David Mussington who served as a panelist. U.S. Naval War College Public Affairs Article

PRESENTATION: Cybersecurity Workforce Panel: Discussions on opportunities to engage and grow the cybersecurity workforce hosted by IDA, August 2015, and featuring Renee Forney and Douglas Maughan, Department of Homeland Security; Robert Knake, Council on Foreign Relations; and Stephen Olechnowicz and Brendan Farrar-Foley, IDA ITSD.