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Homeland Security

Since the inception of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2003, IDA researchers have devoted operational and analytical expertise to solve complex challenges across the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE). Today, IDA performs research to support every DHS mission and help answer the Department's strategic, tactical, and operational questions. IDA also supports DHS headquarters offices and several operating components, plus other Federal sponsors in law enforcement, intelligence, emergency preparedness and response, and defense responsible for the nation’s larger homeland security mission and objectives. Analyses for these sponsors serve the needs of the Federal Government, DHS, and the HSE and inform those needs based on feedback from and coordination with state and local governments, first responders, and the private sector.


Technical and Analytic Support

In 2003, IDA’s nearly 50-year history of addressing the greatest challenges facing the nation expanded to include the Department of Homeland Security; the broader inter-agency community supporting homeland security efforts; and State, local, and private sector homeland security partners. IDA’s research into the HSE encompasses the full spectrum of challenges...

Upcoming Events

Presentation: September 11-15, 2016 – IDA’s Jason Dechant and Darrell Morgeson, and Yazmin Seda-Sanabria (USACE) will present An Integrated Approach for Physical and Cyber Security Risk Assessment: The USACE Common Risk Model for Dams at the Association of State Dam Safety Officials Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Presentation


IDA’s Border Security Analysis Team at a border crossing in Las Cruces,
New Mexico.