June 2015

IDA Research Staff participate vigorously in various professional activities – both within their disciplines and ancillary to them – including publishing in the open literature. Highlights of IDA research activity from June 2015 follow.

IDA Researcher Receives DoD Outstanding Public Service Award

ITSD’s Jagdeep Shah receiving the DoD Outstanding Public Service Award at DARPA.ITSD’s Jagdeep Shah received the DoD Outstanding Public Service Award at DARPA on June 16. Dr. Shah was a senior program manager at DARPA before joining IDA as an Adjunct Research Staff Member. Dr. Shah is shown accepting the award from Dr. Arati Prabhakar, Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service is the highest award that is presented by the Secretary of Defense, to a private citizen, politician, non-career Federal employee, or foreign national. It is presented for exceptionally distinguished service of significance to the Department of Defense as a whole, or a DoD Component or function, where recognition at the component level would not be sufficient for the service rendered.


IDA Researcher Elected Officer at MORS

Military Operations Research Society logoAt the recent semiannual board of directors meeting of the Military Operations Research Society – best known by its acronym MORS – SFRD’s Joe Adams was elected vice-president for financial management. Joe has been an active participant in MORS for years and has served as a MORS officer for the last 2 years. This election to a different position is based on that long involvement with the community and, of course, his excellent work.



IDA Researcher Coauthors Paper

Example of Faraday rotation, which is a magneto-optical phenomenon—that is, an interaction between light and a magnetic field in a medium. The Faraday effect causes a rotation of the plane of polarization which is linearly proportional to the component of the magnetic field in the direction of propagation.

SED’s Peter Dolph coauthored a paper “Development of High-Performance Alkali-Hybrid Polarized He-3 Targets for Electron Scattering,” published in Physical Review C (91, 055205), May 21, 2015. The paper describes advances in laser-polarized nuclear targets that are used in electron beam experiments to study the internal structure of the neutron. His coauthors include Jaideep T. Singh, W.A. Tobias, T.D. Averett, A. Kelleher, K.E. Mooney, V.V. Nelyubin, Yunxiao Wang, Yuan Zheng, and G.D. Cates.





IDA Researchers Author Book Chapters

JAWD’s Bob Richbourg and ITSD’s Amy Henninger each authored a book chapter in the newly released Modeling and Simulation in the Systems Engineering Life Cycle: Core Concepts and Accompanying Lectures, Springer-Verlag-2015. Dr. Richbourg authored chapter 7, “Modeling the Environment,” and Dr. Henninger coauthored chapter 8, “Modeling Behavior.”






IDA Researcher Published

Admiral Gorshkov was a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier of the Russian Navy, originally named BakuJAWD’s Jessica Huckabey recently published “The Sea Power of the State in the 21st Century” for the Center for International Maritime Security. Her article examines the influence of Admiral Sergei Gorshkov on the Russian and Chinese navies. It is a follow-up to her earlier piece, “The Paradox of Admiral Gorshkov.”






IDA Researcher Authors Book Chapter

"Military Cost-Benefit Analysis – Theory and Practice" book cover
SED’s Bill Greer authored chapter 15 – “An Application of Military Cost-Benefit Analysis in a Major Defense Acquisition: the C-17 Transport Aircraft” – in the recently published Military Cost-Benefit Analysis – Theory and Practice. The book represents a handbook on many topics in military cost-benefit analyses.