July 2015

IDA Research Staff participate vigorously in various professional activities – both within their disciplines and ancillary to them – including publishing in the open literature. Highlights of IDA research activity from July 2015 follow.

IDA Researchers' Work on Open-Source Software Publicly Released

Core Infrastructure Initiative Analysis ProgramThe “Census Project” work by ITSD’s David A. Wheeler and Samir Khakimov has been publicly released. This work for the Department of Homeland Security Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST) program and the Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) uses quantitative measures to help identify open source software (OSS) that most needs security investment. OSS is software that can be freely run for any purpose, studied, modified, and redistributed. OSS is widely used in industry, education, and the government. Some OSS is secure relative to its competition, but some is not. The 2014 “Heartbleed” vulnerability in the widely used OpenSSL cryptographic library made people more aware that some OSS programs need investments in security. IDA identified a number of ways to quantitatively measure OSS projects, and selected a practical subset and a way to combine this information so that it could help decision-makers focus on the OSS projects most needing investment.

IDA Report Cited in Senate Committee Report on the 2016 NDAA

National Defense Authorization Act Fiscal Year 2016A STPI report was cited in the recent Senate Committee Report 114-49 (page 222) to support the Senate Armed Services Committee’s recommendation “to authorize a program that would enhance the Department of Defense laboratories with innovative academic and industry partners in research and development activities.”

IDA Researcher Receives Award from Colombia Ministry of National Defense

SFRD’s Hal Laughlin awarded the Ministry of National Defense Military Medal for Distinguished Service from Colombia.SFRD’s Harold “Hal” Laughlin, the Team Lead for IDA’s effort in Colombia to build the capacity of the Colombian Ministry of Defense in the areas of capability planning, cost analysis, program budgeting and readiness reporting was awarded the Ministry of National Defense Military Medal for Distinguished Service on 9 July 2015 by Ms. Diana Quintero, Vice Minister for Strategy and Planning of the Colombia Ministry of National Defense (COLMND) (pictured at right). The award – signed by former Colombian Minister of National Defense and now Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Juan Carlos Pinzon – recognized Hal’s leadership and the accomplishments of his team in providing the methodological and technical support for the Ministry’s “Transformation and Future” initiative.

IDA’s work in Colombia is sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Security Cooperation (DASD/SC) which resources the effort with funds from the Defense Institution Reform Initiative (DIRI) program. DIRI is one of a set of programmed activities under OSD sponsorship collectively referred to as “defense institution building.” Hal has been the IDA project leader for this Colombia effort since its beginning in January 2010.