January 2017

IDA Research Staff participate vigorously in various professional activities – both within their disciplines and ancillary to them – including publishing in the open literature. Highlights of IDA research activity from January 2017 follow. 

IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute Researcher Presentation at NOAA's ACCRES

Bhavya Lal is a member of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA's) Advisory Committee on Commercial Remote Sensing (ACCRES). The committee was established to provide  information, advice, and recommendations to the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere on matters relating to the U.S. satellite commercial remote sensing industry and NOAA's activities to carry out the responsibilities of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Dr. Lal's presentation was on emerging activities in space and the need for legal/regulatory framework to address them.

IDA President Interviewed on Television

Dr. Chu discussed policy changes for DoD civilian layoffs during a workforce reduction as part of his role as Co-Chair of the National Academy of Public Administration during a January 30 interview.

IDA President Addresses Naval Postgraduate School

Dr. Chu at NPSNPS Monterey @NPS_Monterey Jan 26

Dr. David Chu, President, challenges students to design future force during latest Guest Lecture

(photo NPS Monterey)

IDA’s PACOM Team Recognized

The U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) Strategic and Operational Emulation Team has just won the 2016 Air Force Analytic Innovation of the Year Award.  An email from David Stilwell, Director, China Strategic Focus Group, PACOM, noted the “pioneering efforts” that the IDA team have contributed to the program.  That team includes IAD’s David Rosenberg, the longest serving member of the team; Tom Bortmes, project lead; Karen Buckley; Ashton Callahan; and SFRD’s Brandon Shapiro.

2016 Excellence in Enterprise Information Award

Studies and Analyses CenterIDA was competitively awarded the AFEI Excellence in Enterprise Information Award 2016 for the State Cyber Hub Operations Framework project.  The ITSD team was nominated by the Office of the DoD Chief Information Officer.  Innovation, operational consequence, and cultural change were the basis of the award.  Congratulations to the IDA team:  Laura OdellCameron DePuyCorbin FauntleroyEdna Jordan, and Robert Rolfe.

STPI Support-Near-Earth Object Preparedness Study

Science and Technology Policy InstituteThe Office of the President released the National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy in December.  The study, which was essentially conceived, developed, and written by STPI, has been cited by multiple sources; this list is current as of today. 


IDA Researchers Featured in ITEA Journal

Institute for Defense AnalysesIDA President David Chu and Researchers Laura Freeman and Kassandra Froncyk were featured in the December 2016 issue of The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation.  ITEA supplied IDA with an “IDA excerpt” of the three pieces by IDA staff; their publication is otherwise available only to members.