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IDA in the Research Community

IDA Research Staff participate actively in various professional activities – both within their disciplines and ancillary to them – including publishing in the open literature. Below are some recent citations of IDA Researchers and their work. 

IDA Researchers’ Article Published

Photo of Greg Cox and Priscilla GuthrieITSD’s Greg Cox and Priscilla Guthrie’s article “Getting ‘Cyber’ Right for the Department of Defense” was published in the November 9 edition of War on the Rocks, an online platform for analysis, commentary, debate and multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens.

IDA Researcher Elected to American Academy of Diplomacy

Photo of George WardIAD research staff member and editor of IDA’s Africa Watch newsletter, former Ambassador George Ward, was elected to the 2017 class of the American Academy of Diplomacy. The Academy’s mission is to support and strengthen U.S. diplomacy and enhance public appreciation of its critical role in advancing the national interest. Academy members are former career and non-career U.S. government officials who have served with distinction in international affairs.

IDA Researcher To Receive 2018 AIAA Survivability Award

Vincent VolpeOED researcher Vincent Volpe has been selected to receive the 2018 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Survivability Award, which will be presented at the 2018 AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition (SciTech 2018) in January. His citation will read: “For pioneering efforts as founding member of AIAA Survivability Technical Committee and more than 40 years of outstanding technical contributions to aircraft survivability community.”

IDA Researchers at Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Hannah Acheson-Field and Leslie AbrahamsSTPI researchers Hannah Acheson-Field and Leslie Abrahams spoke at the 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference held in Orlando from October 4 – 6. They led a series of six discussions, primarily for students, on “Careers in Science and Technology Policy.” The Grace Hopper Celebration is a large and diverse conference, with more than 18,000 students, professionals, and academics in attendance this year.

IDA Researcher Speaks at OSU Mershon Center for International Security Studies

Michael FischerkellerITSD’s Michael Fischerkeller will speak on October 18 at Ohio State University’s Mershon Center Speaker Series on Deterrence Is Not a Credible Strategy for Cyberspace. His talk is based on IDA publication NSD-8394, which was published in the summer 2017 issue of Orbis, a publication of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Welcome, John Harvey!

John HarveyIDA welcomes SFRD’s new director, ADM John Harvey, USN (ret.), who takes over from Mike Dominguez. He will lead a staff of IDA researchers engaged in research on topics as diverse as nuclear weapons policy and strategy, organizational management and effectiveness, and force capability and force structure analyses.

IDA Researcher Moderates Symposiums on Declassified CIA Documents

David RosenbergIAD’s David Rosenberg moderated two public symposiums to discuss recently CIA declassified original source documents and intelligence analyses of the Soviet Navy in the Cold War from the 1950s to the 1980s, which have been posted on the CIA’s FOIA website. The symposiums were a collaboration between the CIA and the Naval Historical Foundation, on whose board Dr. Rosenberg is a member.

IDA Researcher among Winners in Crime Forecasting Challenge

Brian RiekstsCARD’s Brian Rieksts won two categories in the Real-Time Crime Forecasting Challenge. Participants in the challenge forecasted hotspots for crime in Portland, Oregon. In February 2017, the participants submitted up to 20 forecasts for hotspots for different categories of calls-for-service and different time periods. The challenge was judged based on actual calls-for-service during March through May in 2017. Dr. Rieksts won categories for burglary and car theft over a three-month period scored with the prediction accuracy index.

IDA Produces Statistical Intervals Package for R Statistical Software

Matthew Avery and summer associate John HamanOED researcher Matthew Avery and summer associate John Haman recently published ciTools to the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). The new IDA-developed R package allows researchers to easily to quantify uncertainty for predictions made in R, a free, open-source software program for performing statistical analysis. ciTools produces uncertainty intervals for model predictions for many common statistical models used at IDA. For more information and installation instructions, see the GitHub or the CRAN.

IDA Researcher Participating in HERA Mission

Shelley CazaresShelley Cazares of IDA’s Science and Technology Division has been selected for a NASA closed-habitat experiment at the Johnson Space Center: Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA). Dr. Cazares is tweeting about her experience on her HERA mission via her personal handle @smcazares, hashtag #HERA_XIV. HERANow that the mission has begun, she no longer has access to the outside world, including the internet. However, she has set up a separate handle @HERA_XIV, and hopes to set up an auto-tweet functionality.


STPI Director Quoted in Investor’s Business Daily

Mark LewisSTPI Director Mark Lewis was quoted recently in Hypersonic Weapons: The Biggest Warfighting Disrupter Since Stealth Is Coming, an article published by Investor’s Business Daily.

IDA Participates in National Academies Symposium

Sarah BurnsCARD Researcher Sarah Burns presented a case study – Analyses for accurate population modeling – at the Principles for Data-Driven Decision Making Symposium on September 14 at the Keck Center in Washington, DC. The case study was based on a previous IDA study: Analyses of Military Healthcare Benefit Design and Delivery: Study in Support of the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission. The full video of her presentation is now available.

IDA Researcher Quoted in Education Week Article

Dexter Fletcher with Dr. ChuSTD’s Dexter Fletcher was quoted in an a recent Education Week article “How ‘Intelligent’ Tutors Could Transform Teaching.” Dr. Fletcher’s article “Effectiveness of Intelligent Tutoring Systems – A Meta-Analytic Review,” published in Review of Educational Research and earned him IDA’s 2016 Welch Award for Best External Publication.

STPI Researchers’ Paper to Appear in Space Weather

Becaja CaldwellThe editors of Space Weather have selected a paper by STPI researchers Becaja Caldwell and Seth Jonas – “An Abridged History of Federal Involvement in Space Weather Forecasting” to be featured as a Research Spotlight on both the EOS and journal websites. Research Spotlights summarize the research and findings of the best accepted articles for the broad Earth and space science community. The paper was developed from a presentation that the authors gave at the 2017 American Meteorological Society meeting.

IDA Researcher Contributor to NIST Publication

Steve OlechnowiczITSD researcher Steve Olechnowicz is listed as a significant contributor to a recently released publication of the National Institute of Standards and Technology: NIST Special Publication 800-181, NICE [National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education] Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

IDA Researcher Co-author of Recently Published Book

William DoaneSTPI researcher William Doane is co-author of a recently published book, Knowing the Learner: A New Approach to Educational Information.

STPI Researcher Is Invited Speaker at Small Satellites Workshop

Dr. Bhavya LalSTPI’s Bhavya Lal spoke at the 2017 Small Satellites for Space Weather Research and Forecasting workshop. The workshop was the first dedicated scientific meeting focusing on specific needs of space weather studies using smallsat platforms. Her talk was titled Policy Challenges Related to Use of Small Satellites for Science Applications.

IDA Researchers Assist NATO

Photo of Julia Burr and Lucas LaVioletSFRD’s Julia Burr and Lucas LaViolet are assisting NATO in developing exercises to improve the coordination of international medical response to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN). This includes preparing scenarios and exercise injects for the NATO exercises.
F260 Braunschweig corvette at Rostock naval baseThe IDA researchers traveled to Germany for a site survey and the Final Coordination Conference for Vigorous Warrior 2017 (VW17), a NATO medical exercise scheduled from September 4 through 22 at a training area in Lehnin and a naval base in Rostock. The site survey included a tour of the Rostock naval base and a F260 Braunschweig corvette that will participate in the exercise.

IDA Senior Fellow Speaks at NATO

David AlbertsThe NATO Chief Scientist, on behalf of the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, invited SFRD’s David Alberts to present a keynote speech during the NATO 11th Operations Research and Analysis Conference, held in London, October 2 and 3, 2017. The NATO OR&A Conference brings together the analysis community from NATO commands and agencies, national defense analysis and research organizations, centers of excellence, academia, and industry. The theme of the conference this year was Enabling Accelerated Military Decision Making.

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