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New Graduates


Collaborate and effect change.

At IDA, you will collaborate with incredible research and business professionals in teams that include individuals from multiple disciplines, differing backgrounds and varying levels of experience.  You have the opportunity to team up with highly talented individuals who are often at the top in their fields.  The questions which you, as a member of either our research or business staff will address, will also be varied—spanning systems, concepts, technologies and management.

Recent Graduates at IDA

You might, for example, be challenged by some of the following questions:

  • What are the new roles and responsibilities of the various combatant commands as the United States confronts new threats and adversaries?
  • How can the Department of Defense exploit advanced technologies and new operating concepts?
  • How do you test the performance and reliability of new acquisition programs?
  • How do you ensure access to a plentiful pool of highly trained cybersecurity experts?
  • How do you develop new, robust networking among soldiers, sensors, and systems?
  • What technologies should be used to detect mines and unexploded ordnance?
  • How can the military more effectively conduct military operations in urban environments?
  • How can we enhance human-machine interfaces?
  • What economic effect does the increased rate of guard and reserve mobilizations have on employers?
  • How do you attract and retain science and engineering talent in the Federal Government?
  • How do I test projections, tackle complex problems and make the right decisions?
  • How do we shape strategies to move the company forward
  • Is this choice the best use of our resources?

Recent college graduates as well as PhDs are afforded the opportunity to work side by side with senior researchers on current projects assisting in fact finding, developing analyses and shaping findings and recommendations. You will play a significant part in IDA’s overall team effort to solving difficult and complex problems.

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