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Capitalize On Your Expertise

Our sponsors want practical answers.  They expect IDA to understand the operational and organizational environment in which scientific and technical decisions must be made.  Your experience – whether in the business world, academia or government – can assist IDA in producing better, more comprehensive answers. Our core values of producing objective and quality research also promote creativity, a deepening understanding of complex issues and the ability to entertain multiple viewpoints and perspectives as we provide answers to the penetrating questions our sponsors have asked.

Pic 1: IDA staff members make edits to a presentation. Pic 2: IDA employees look over notes following a staff meeting.

At IDA, our focus is producing top-notch, objective analyses for our customers. As a member of the research staff or business group, you will have the opportunity to investigate challenging questions and issues. Here, you can see the big picture. The analyses you perform affects policies and decisions, both within individual departments and agencies and at the national level.

IDA offers advanced degree holders the opportunity to use their education and experience in a challenging work environment. You can take the research skills you have honed in the laboratory, academia or the business world and apply them to real-life problems that affect our national security in very real ways.

If you want flexibility in your schedule, IDA is able to offer a variety of employment statuses to support both yours and the company’s needs.  Whether you want to work full time, part- time or intermittently, IDA has the ability to structure a work arrangement that best fits your needs. 




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