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2018 William Y. Smith Award for Excellence

Chris Davis of the Center for Computing Sciences in Bowie as the winner of the 2018 W.Y. Smith Award for Excellence. Named in honor of General William Y. Smith, who led IDA from 1985 to 1990, the award recognizes extraordinary individual or group contributions to IDA from the wide range of staff members (excluding Research Staff Members) who contribute to our success. This year’s award recognizes Chris’ invaluable contributions in support of computing at CCS.

Chris has supported the information technology needs at CCS for the past 17 years. In his nomination statement for Chris, CCS Director Tad White describes Chris’ performance and work ethic over that time as “extraordinary.”

His skills and dedication have been especially visible during the last year, as the IT team mobilized to support the sponsor’s enterprise-wide information security initiative. Chris jumped right in when this initiative began. He regularly stepped out of his comfort zone to work with the ISSO and facilities staff, meeting both the letter and the spirit of requirements. Much of the CCS success in making the deadlines can be attributed to Chris’ deep technical understanding of the CCS networks as well as the stated security goals, enabling CCS to stay “ahead of the curve.”

Chris has become the IT team’s technical “go-to” person; he sees the big picture and always delivers results. He is helpful and approachable, and his professionalism never wavers, whether he is supporting a large SCAMP project or assisting an individual research staff member. The CCS IT manager has said many times that CCS is very lucky to have Chris on its team.

Chris Davis of the Center for Computing Sciences in Bowie.

Chris Davis of the Center for Computing Sciences in Bowie is the recipients of the 2018 William Y. Smith Award for Excellence.

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