2017 President's Award for Excellence

Marco Quiroga of the Information Technology Directorate (IT/SEC) is the 2017 recipient of the IDA President’s Award for Excellence.  

Each year, the President’s Award recognizes an individual whose superior performance contributed importantly to IDA’s success. Mr. Quiroga's exceptional work in identifying the need for and organizing the first IDA hackathon to raise awareness of cyber risks and mitigations exemplifies that contribution. Mr. Quiroga planned this event to be carefully balanced so laypeople would be able to learn with ease, while affording IDA’s many cyber specialists the ability to learn as well.

Mr. Quiroga was particularly successful in pulling exhibitors together from across IDA research divisions and directorates, with the result that more than 250 IDA staff visited, many engaging in detailed conversations with the presenters. Attendees were very impressed, with one Research Staff Member commenting: “I only had about 20 minutes free to spend at the event, but could easily have spent an hour.”

Marco Quiroga

Marco Quiroga, Information Technology Directorate (IT/SEC), received the President's Award for Excellence

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