2018 President's Award for Excellence

Dolly Watkins, Accounts Payable Specialist in the Finance and Administration Directorate, and Amberlee Mabe-Stanberry, Senior Publications Coordinator in the Strategy, Forces and Resources Division are the 2018 recipients of the IDA President’s Award for Excellence.

Dolly is a primary point of contact for travel-related inquiries concerning Concur travel, travel reimbursements, and travel-related help desk tickets. She sustains excellent working relationships with both co-workers and internal customers. Dolly embraces her role in supporting the IDA traveler, which sometimes requires her to spend significant time to work through a complicated travel issue, or claims for a multi-leg extended trip, or complex international travel.

Dolly exercises extreme patience and professionalism while assisting travelers with a wide variety of questions and issues. She recognizes that the traveler’s time is important and strives to provide a prompt, fair, and accurate accounting and reimbursement of expenses while complying with IDA travel policies. Dolly’s effort and dedication contribute to IDA’s overall success by making the travel reimbursement process as seamless as possible, allowing our IDA researchers to focus on their core responsibilities.

A selfless team player, Amberlee is known for her infectious humor and willingness to do whatever it takes to get an increasing number of publications through production and the maze of requisite paperwork, approvals, and distribution steps, as well as security reviews for classified material. Her encyclopedic knowledge of DSS Security protocols, IDA Security practices, and division standard operating procedures makes her the “go to” person in the Division for all security related inquiries or issues.

Amberlee’s dedicated work has helped SFRD Pubs develop strong and trusting relationships with division project leaders and authors, as well as staff in other divisions who have key roles in publications. She has played a central role streamlining processes that reach across all divisions and support directorates. She masterfully manages her responsibilities and helps oversee three separate and distinctly different databases (SFRD’s Task Planning System (TPS), SharePoint, and HQ’s Publications System) that track documents from their planning stages to the sponsor’s hands. Last year, she coordinated 223 formal deliverables, including many that were decades old and others with complex security issues. In one case, Amberlee reached around the globe to recover a document not found in any IDA archives. That required locating the principal author who had long since retired – to Australia! Her customer service is unparalleled. She is a valuable asset to SFRD who can always be counted on to represent the Division and IDA in a professional manner.

Both Dolly and Amberlee have demonstrated a level of dedication, ability, and initiative that deserves the recognition that comes with this award.

2018 IDA President’s Award for Excellence recipients Dolly Watkins and Amberlee Mabe-Stanberry

2018 IDA President’s Award for Excellence recipients Dolly Watkins and Amberlee Mabe-Stanberry.

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