2017 Andrew J. Goodpaster Award for Excellence in Research

Dr. Laura Freeman of the Operational Evaluation Division is the 2017 winner of the Andrew J. Goodpaster Award for Excellence in Research. Named in honor of former IDA president and trustee General Andrew Goodpaster, the award is presented annually to an individual demonstrating exceptional analytic achievement within the IDA research community.

Laura has built a record of remarkable achievement in her seven-plus years at IDA, bringing great energy and enthusiasm to a wide range of initiatives and projects. With strong sponsorship support from the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation, Dr. Freeman has led a transformation in “test science”: the use of enhanced statistical techniques to design tests efficiently and effectively, and to squeeze the most insight from their results and the limited data that are typically available in a constrained testing environment. Test plans are now decided on a more analytical basis, where tradeoffs between test resources and the expected confidence in available test information can be discussed quantitatively. After tests are conducted, improved analytical methods provide greater insights into performance under varying conditions—information that is valuable to both acquisition decision-makers and warfighters.

Through her recruitment and mentorship efforts, Laura steadily built OED’s statistical group into a highly capable team, one essential to this transformation, and that is now a key strategic asset for IDA. Laura provides leadership to the entire IDA statistical and data science community through the cross-divisional working group, sponsoring speakers, research projects, and external publications.

As part of our outreach, Laura organized what we are now calling the DATAWorks workshop—an annual test science event that IDA sponsors jointly with DOT&E and NASA, which attracted over 250 practitioners across the test and statistical communities last year. She has followed up that success by leading the development of an IDA-hosted website that is an important resource for the community.

Also, Laura forged stronger ties to statistical leaders in the academic community. She attracted leading statisticians to the test science workshops, and she brought well known academics to teach short courses at IDA—creating a virtual university within OED.

Laura’s commitment to publishing research results has already produced nearly 60 authored or co-authored IDA Papers and Documents, and numerous memoranda and white papers. She co-authored three journal articles that competed for the Welch Award for best external publication.

Laura received her baccalaureate degree in aerospace engineering, and her PhD in statistics, both from Virginia Tech.

Dr. Laura Freeman

Dr. Laura Freeman, Operational Evaluation Division, received the IDA Andrew J. Goodpaster Award for Excellence in Research for 2017.

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