2016 Andrew J. Goodpaster Award for Excellence in Research

Dr. Bram Lillard of the Operational Evaluation Division is the 2016 winner of the Andrew J. Goodpaster Award for Excellence in Research. Named in honor of former IDA president and trustee General Andrew Goodpaster, the award is presented annually to an individual demonstrating exceptional analytic achievement within the IDA research community.

The award recognizes Dr. Lillard’s innovative and rigorous technical analyses over his 12 years at IDA. In support of the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E), Dr. Lillard brought great technical and quantitative skill to the operational evaluation of U.S. submarine systems, maritime patrol aircraft, and littoral combat ships. In addition to multiple insightful analyses of the capabilities of U.S. sonar systems, he pioneered the application of experimental design techniques to laboratory-based testing of these systems. He also developed innovative approaches to submarine mine avoidance and mine susceptibility testing.

In support of DOT&E’s efforts to bring experimental design concepts to operational testing broadly, Dr. Lillard served as part of a team conducting a retrospective assessment of how those methods could be used to improve test design. The team’s work proved to be pivotal in the approach adopted by DOT&E, and Dr. Lillard
continues to be a leader in the promulgation of these techniques throughout the test community.

For the P-8 maritime patrol aircraft, Dr. Lillard constructed a test design concept based on advanced statistical techniques that enabled a more detailed and information-rich evaluation of system performance while reducing the previously planned test effort. His analyses of multiple test periods were key to improving the P-8 test program, providing significant insights from test data that would not otherwise have been available.

Dr. Lillard led a fast-paced effort in support of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation to prepare a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. Navy’s proposed SSC(X) frigate program for the Secretary of Defense to help guide his decisions on the follow-on program to the Littoral Combat Ship. Dr. Lillard’s continued efforts on the LCS program have resulted in multiple high-visibility reports, test designs, and analyses. Most recently, Dr. Lillard  constructed a needed update to the test plans for the LCS, which enabled the Navy to meet Congressional requirements.

Dr. Lillard has been recognized repeatedly for his outstanding contributions to the operational test and evaluation of naval systems. He was selected as OSD Tester of the Year in 2009. From 2013-14, he served as the technical advisor to the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation office, helping to promote the Director’s many initiatives to enhance the rigor of the operational testing community and its practices. He is widely respected in the Navy’s operational testing organization and is frequently sought out for advice and technical assistance in the design of comprehensive and efficient operational tests.

Dr. Lillard has a strong record of publishing his research work during his tenure at IDA, having authored more than 29 Papers and Documents and numerous memoranda and white papers.

Dr. Lillard received his baccalaureate degree in physics and mathematics from the State University of New York and his PhD in physics from the University of Maryland.

Bram Lillard

Dr. Bram Lillard, Operational Evaluation Division, received the IDA Andrew J. Goodpaster Award for Excellence in Research for 2016.

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