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Life @ IDA

Although the work of IDA is vital to our Nation’s security and our research is serious, IDA offers many opportunities outside the workday to engage in collaborative, collegial, and mind- and body-refreshing activities.  IDA works closely with the Alexandria City Public School System by providing tutors and mentors.  We also host an annual “Science Unrestricted” event for ACPS in which many of our staff participate both as volunteers and as participants with their own children.  Some of our staff find friendly competition – on the softball field or golf course – as a way to build relationships and just blow off a little steam.  Others find rejuvenation in a yoga class.  IDA provides tennis courts and a well-equipped gym.  In short, IDA benefits from employees who are fulfilled, engaged, intellectually nourished, and thriving.

Partnership with Alexandria City Public Schools

Mentor Program

Keith Green mentors student 

Science Unrestricted

IDA Research explains how a telescope works to a young student     Science Unrestricted photo 2

Science Unrestricted shows how to generate electricity



IDA golfer takes a swing  IDA golfer


IDA softball tournament photo 1  IDA softball tournament photo 2


working out in the IDA gym

National Bike Challenge

Biking participants at IDA


photo of tennis court and basketball goal

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